BIGMUN Bus Service

BIGMUN Bus Service

BIGMUN Bus Service


A Transport Fee of €60 will be required to access this service. Please note that it is not available for delegations being hosted.


All delegations will make their own way to Birkerød Gymnasium on the day of the opening ceremony.


Delegations staying at hotels/hostels in Copenhagen can pay our Transport Fee and use our BIGMUN Bus Service. The buses will run from Generator Hostel, Adelgade 5, Copenhagen and Tivoli at 8:00 o'clock to Birkerød Gymnasium in the morning and return at the end of the day.


The buses leave Birkerød Gymnasium at:


Thursday 17:30

Friday (For Canal Tour) 14:30

Saturday 22:00

Sunday 15:45


Note that the buses on Friday for the Canal Tour will be available for all delegates. The buses will leave from Multihallen, close to the school. The buses will not be bringing students back to Birkerød Gymnasium following the canal tour. Participants must find their own way home following the canal tour. If a student is being hosted, they must plan this with their host.


The last buses on Sunday will go to two destinations; Central Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport. Delegations who have paid for the bus service, as well as those delegations who are hosted are able to use these buses.



Additional information can be found in the Administrative Handbook.

+45 45 16 82 20