Thank you to all participants for making BIGMUN 2014 an amazing conference!

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BIGMUN 2015 18th - 22nd of February, 2015. 

BIGMUN is a conference held by the MUN Society of Birkerød Gymnasium. Situated in beautiful surroundings and 25 minutes from the centre of Copenhagen, the school and the students are happy to welcome delegates and teachers to our conference. To find out more, please contact us at  

The conference fee per delegate is €50 plus €30 for delegates staying with our limited number of host families. A deposit of €150 per delegation is to be paid at registration, and will be deducted from the final payment. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us at

We believe in providing a cultural experience for our guests and so on top of offering a limited number of host family accommodation spots for delegates and MUN directors, we are also offering a free guided canal tour of Copenhagen on the Thursday morning before the conference begins, and a Historical tour of Copenhagen on the Friday for the MUN directors.


Our Mission Statement

Birkerød Gymnasium’s Model United Nations (BIGMUN) is committed to embracing and spreading the spirit of Model United Nations. Through simulated UN conferences, students are able to debate numerous international issues in the manner of the actual parliamentary procedures of the real UN, which promotes international awareness and understanding, as well as being a platform for forming friendships through educational and cultural enrichment. Being an experienced conference, we are looking to have high quality debates and committed delegates at our conference, ensuring a mind opening experience for all participants.

Birkerød Gymnasiums Model United Nations (BIGMUN) er opsat på at sprede Model United Nations ånden. Gennem simulerede FN konferencer har elever, med interesse for international politik, mulighed for at debattere et bredt udvalg af aktuelle internationale emner. De forskellige debatter følger samme protokoller og procedurer som det rigtige FN, hvilket betyder at konferencedeltagere får en dybere forståelse af det internationale politiske miljø. Udover de mange akademiske fordele er Model United Nations konferencer også et godt grundlag for at knytte venskaber på tværs af skoler og lande ved hjælp af kulturel og akademisk berigelse. Da vi er en erfaren konference, ser vi frem til at have debatter af høj kvalitet og engagerede delegerede, som sikrer en udvidet horisont for alle deltagere.


Thank you to Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark for giving a speech at the opening ceremony of BIGMUN 2014! 



To see the final issue of BIGMONITOR (published after the conference), please click here.